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Gardening & Yard Services
We provide many services and the most common service we provide is Yard and Maintenance where will me mow, cleanup and prepare your yard and make it neat and tidy. We provide this as a general service and we have conducted a few jobs where we have cleaned up Housing Comission Yards to prepare the premises for new tenants. We also clean and maintain yards for rental properties so the tenants can keep their real-estate and the owners pleased. For some of our clients we have spent months working on their landscapes to develop the gardens they desire.

Gutter Protection Services
We provide a unique service where we can install and maintain your gutters so they are protected and do not get clogged and dirty which enables your drains to work properly and limits water overflowing. If you have an outside water tank to collect water we can ensure as little contaminants get into your gutters. Just think, we can install gutter protection and those long afternoons int he sun on a ladder or on a roof will be no more and your gutters will be clear and free to function they way they should.

General Handyman Services
We are very skilled in General Handyman Services where we have fixed multiple problems with our clients properties. For one client we fixed their heavy wooden gate, their outside metal gate for their motor vehicle and their external and internal doors. We have also repaired damage to rental properties to prepare those properties for new tenants. For General Handyman Services we generally attend our clients premises to get a detailed view of the problem and we aim to solve the problem(s) in the same day.

House Painting Services
Recently we have been restoring a number of houses that are for sale and we have been painting the exterior and interior of the houses to better prepare them for sale by their owners. We have even painted a kitchen and assisted in basic remodelling of the kitchen to prepare a house for sale allowing the owner to get the amount they wanted for their house and not settling for a lesser amount. We can only perform Household & General Painting work up to $3000.

Basic Building, Restoring and Construction
We have also provided Basic Building and Construction Services for some of our clients where we have repaired their outside decks saving them huge amounts of money int he process. We have also replaced internal and exterior doors, gates and windows for some of our clients. We can also erect and install most fences to keep your fury family members in your yard and out of trouble or keep other peoples pets out of your yard or just to give you some privacy in your own yard. We can only perform Basic Building & Construction Work up to $3000.

General House Cleaning
We have conducted quite a number of jobs for our clients where we have used pressure cleaners to clean the external and exterior of their houses. Need to keep the real-estate or the owners happy and want your house clean and to be the envy of your neighbourhood then contact us and see what we can do for you.

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